Khabib on Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier 3, retiring at the top and coaching | MMA on ESPN

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Joanna Minut sedan
choke you, they gonna broke your arms, they gonna broke your legs, you have to be careful of this, this sport. This is not just like regular sport."
Silva Siamese
Silva Siamese 8 minuter sedan
much respect, his spirit is beyond and above.
Stefan Constandache
Stefan Constandache 42 minuter sedan
1.2K fan's of Conor..
Toto Touloos
Toto Touloos 53 minuter sedan
Youre still champion Khabib, 👍 McGregor might not humble and seriousely apologize to what he said to you Khabib but Im truely sorry that you had to go through, What you went through the time you fought McGregor. Lots of Blessing Godbless you. 🕊🙏🕊
Joanna Minut sedan
He was much more entertaining when he only knew how to say…smesh or send me location.
valentin08 Official
valentin08 Official 55 minuter sedan
I dont think it will be an other mma fighter with 30 - 0 ... not in this life 😅
Azamat Kenessov
Azamat Kenessov Timme sedan
Why so many like
Mustafa Timme sedan
Alhamdulillah ☝🏾
Mohib Salahuddin Ayubi
Mohib Salahuddin Ayubi Timme sedan
Very amazing and inspiring personality
A K Timme sedan
He talks facts 💯
James McKay
James McKay Timme sedan
Nothing but the truth.
Farmer Dang
Farmer Dang 2 timmar sedan
Tony needs to move to Featherweight. His opponents, who all have taken big damage, have moved to there, and guys like Darren "The Damage(lmao)" Elkins even is there. Tony vs Holloway? Cmon thats the ultimate battle of who gets to keep the back tattoo. The rematch with Barboza and even maybe Lando The top FW people are sorta inactive, lets do this lmao
Ron Costa
Ron Costa 2 timmar sedan
Someone counted how many "LIKE" khabib said during this interview ?
Abbas Nasser
Abbas Nasser 2 timmar sedan
I really liked the answer, "at that time it was Khabib time, not it's Charles' time" smooth as silk :-)
davey M
davey M 2 timmar sedan
Khabib is a proper legend, a real man.
dougieladd 2 timmar sedan
Can you imagine a fight between Khabib in his prime and Rickson Gracie in is prime... now there's a fight I would love to see!!
chromatic frog
chromatic frog 2 timmar sedan
From fighter to master. Khabib has come full circle.
mab m
mab m 2 timmar sedan
religion is fair game because it turns people stupid and ceases the development of critical thinking and logic, and those are the 2 things people really need in the world.
Criesto 137
Criesto 137 3 timmar sedan
I feel like Khabib's English improved in real time as the interview progressed. God I love the bear battler.
Governor Crotch Grabber
Governor Crotch Grabber 5 timmar sedan
He was much more entertaining when he only knew how to say…smesh or send me location.
Snow Man
Snow Man 5 timmar sedan
Subtitles at 14:38.
Neil Muir
Neil Muir 5 timmar sedan
This guy Khabib is the best UFC fighter of all time .
Thomas Hogan
Thomas Hogan 6 timmar sedan
Adam Mahar
Adam Mahar 6 timmar sedan
Khabib is one of the most likable guys on the planet!
Suhail Azad
Suhail Azad 6 timmar sedan
Lovenish Beriwal
Lovenish Beriwal 6 timmar sedan
He will always be the greatest one even if he retires, his heart fir the sport made him the GOAT
Eamon Quinn
Eamon Quinn 7 timmar sedan
I'm surprised Khabib gave Nate consideration like that. Wish he and the Diaz brothers could have found themselves on better terms from the get instead of scuffling.
f87115 7 timmar sedan
Conor will get to fight Islam Makhachev, one and done ,,, then he can retire and hopefully enjoy life and realize how good he was he did well and Khabib just did a little better , Conor’s Hollywood mouth is a slight to himself, he will find himself … one day,,, but it will be awhile … hard to grow up when you don’t have to … Khabib is years in advance mentally than most people on earth ,,, pay attention Conor and you will be happy one day !
kashif uddin
kashif uddin 8 timmar sedan
Khabib's father forgive conor but on the other hand conor heart is black from inside only filled with negativity and darkness. This is not good even if he's doing for the limelight and people who idealize conor needs to tell him to stop this nonsense.
# PUNCH 8 timmar sedan
Wakanda forever!
# PUNCH 8 timmar sedan
Great interview Khabib !!!! 👍
Amir K
Amir K 8 timmar sedan
biggest legend and what an honorable great man king 🙌🏼
john wood
john wood 8 timmar sedan
stay retired and in tact've nothing to prove khabib ...good man who has honor
2121555 8 timmar sedan
Mcstretchers daddy.
Hotel Ollanta
Hotel Ollanta 9 timmar sedan
Khabib is the chosen one
Areeb Sohail
Areeb Sohail 10 timmar sedan
He’s still very strong mentally when he talks… what a guy
Mohamed Mehsoob
Mohamed Mehsoob 10 timmar sedan
“People know who is who” ❤️
n8ve0ne 10 timmar sedan
This is so real. Life of a fighter. Much respect for his family's values. RESPECT! 😤💯
moshe dimawala-adormeo
moshe dimawala-adormeo 11 timmar sedan
Khabib the Fight Nerd!
Yatofn 11 timmar sedan
still saying one of the best of all time . U r the GOat of ur div. in my eyes nobody can argue other wise
Adam Burling
Adam Burling 8 timmar sedan
He is one of the best of all time.
Fat fella lifestyle L11
Fat fella lifestyle L11 11 timmar sedan
Love Khabib talks so respectfully and a beast as well 👌🏻 Legend💙
mattcvand204 11 timmar sedan
I think Khabib is the best fighter ever and one of the best humans ever aswell. I am a huge Conor fan, but I agree with everything Khabib says pretty much
cheese burger
cheese burger 11 timmar sedan
Such a shame that I never really appreciated him until he retired
SoaK Up
SoaK Up 12 timmar sedan
BrotherMohd Hanif
BrotherMohd Hanif 12 timmar sedan
This is my first time watching full interview on SEcycle.
Kung Fu Kenny
Kung Fu Kenny 12 timmar sedan
"People know who is who" Yes lad, this right here!
Braams 12 timmar sedan
Conor brings you to the UFC, Khabib makes you stay.
Mathur 13 timmar sedan
Number of times he said "like" .. yes "like"
MKK 14 timmar sedan
Khabib really in different class.. Always show wisdom when he speak..
Shahzad Sarwar
Shahzad Sarwar 14 timmar sedan
This idiot bret is the worst interviewer ever. Asking the same question twice differently. STUPID GUY
John Wick
John Wick 15 timmar sedan
I'm wondering if Connor McGregor watched this interview and the of amount of positive feedback got.
mac union
mac union 15 timmar sedan
true gentleman and all class unlike mcgregor , what a great ambassador for the sport
Science is Hard
Science is Hard 15 timmar sedan
He is like a much tougher looking Lex
j rv
j rv 16 timmar sedan
" u can say i play soccer, basketball but u can't say i play mma, this sport needs hard work" - Khabib the eagle - 2021
IM Sorry
IM Sorry 16 timmar sedan
Respect bro GOAT
cassy boo
cassy boo 16 timmar sedan
Khabib “like” Nurmagomedov
Getroy 16 timmar sedan
ESPN please ask Khabib about fighting at welterweight
The Abyss
The Abyss 17 timmar sedan
You can tell Khabib doesn’t truly dislike Tony just think he’s a clown
The Abyss
The Abyss 17 timmar sedan
Khabib English is great ! Wish I could speak Russian
Its Squirrelman
Its Squirrelman 18 timmar sedan
i dont wanna be this guy. but if they fought 100 times, dustin would win 99
Michael Stratton
Michael Stratton 18 timmar sedan
Why do we even bring this guy up in the “G.O.A.T” conversation? He only fought bums and guys out of there prime then leaves before he can have real challengers.
Cadi Mon81
Cadi Mon81 18 timmar sedan
I regret missing Khabibs fights. I watched them all many times now but missed out on history while it was happening. Class act inside and outside the cage. His father did a good job
Lukas 19 timmar sedan
"You know?"
White Bear
White Bear 19 timmar sedan
Lets these fighters rest lol, GSP had his time, Khabib had his time thats it lol
Andre Castro 13
Andre Castro 13 21 timme sedan
I miss fedor
JELLAL El Yafai 21 timme sedan
I feel like Muhammed Ali fans must have felt in the 60's and 70's.... witnessing someone and something great happening... someone different and special.. i feel privileged and sad.
Darla Boyle
Darla Boyle 21 timme sedan
Wish Khabib would have stayed and McGregor retired. LoL
Mara G
Mara G 22 timmar sedan
A living legend.
Sean Jordan
Sean Jordan 23 timmar sedan
Khabib is irrelevant without McGregor.
J B 23 timmar sedan
Different breed.
J B Dag sedan
Aging is a extraordinaey process where you become the person you always should of been,,,,David bowie. Khabib reached this in fight with gaethje when he refused to break his arm as folks present,,,,showed his true worth.
J B Dag sedan
Conors a lag full stop,,winged it. Locked enough of his friends up ffs.
Riv & Reb
Riv & Reb Dag sedan
13:15 I don't disagree with Khabib often but Football is every bit if not more dangerous than MMA those collision and brain injuries are no joke. Football is in the same league as boxing and MMA as far as being unhealthy. They put in every bit the work as fighters
Riv & Reb
Riv & Reb Dag sedan
I'm always drawn to Khabib's hairline, maybe it's because mine is receding. I just can't figure his out, he's almost like one of those warewolf guys that grow hair on their entire body but it stops for his face
GotNoCandy 4U
GotNoCandy 4U Dag sedan
Whenever I click on a Khabib video, I check out the comments. I find people simping for the guy hilarious 🤣
Abid Aoulad Ali
Abid Aoulad Ali Dag sedan
I love this man. What can i say.
Cristian Dru
Cristian Dru Dag sedan
The best, the undefeated, the truly respectfull and the champion of many hearts, the true eagle
saddam khan
saddam khan Dag sedan
Most logically correct sports person, love u brother
dongyongkim Dag sedan
if Islam take a championship under khabibs tutelage too? he will go down as ONE of the greatest and most influential persons in combat sports
Reptile Spit
Reptile Spit Dag sedan
I think most people in the West can't even comprehend what's this guy is talking about, if they do then it's like an ideal character from a book not chasing money and fame when he is/was at his peak. Reality is following your desires and wants doesn't take you far enough.
randall793 Dag sedan
Golden quote "you eat too much punch"
M alameri
M alameri Dag sedan
MEN, take an example from this man!
M alameri
M alameri Dag sedan
Clean life, family, Islam and honour radiates from this man.
polygamous1 Sozou
polygamous1 Sozou Dag sedan
one great man retired another Great man takes over, enjoy your retirement Khabib n have a long happy life, Dustin we wish you have a great happy life mate
Sovanmeng. V
Sovanmeng. V Dag sedan
"UFC have to get all the juice" - Khabib
Tenzin Jigme
Tenzin Jigme Dag sedan
Dear kabib, I am a Tibetan living in Exile,for me noby is close to u, u r a complete pound to pound fighter in the world but more than that, I see Mohummad Ali in you.....
Rajendra Gupta
Rajendra Gupta Dag sedan
Brett may be cleverly intelligent, khabib is honestly intelligent he accepted everything very practical guy. His conditioning by his father for these tricky situations is excellent.
Tomás Ó Treasaigh
Tomás Ó Treasaigh Dag sedan
He ran away because he lives with fear, you could always see how terrified he was of losing, he gave up because he has always been terrified of losing a fight.
MR Dag sedan
@The Eagle also this moron is islamophobe. he hates khabib because he is muslim. leave him alone bro xD
MR Dag sedan
@The Eagle he is wise man, he learnt from history. he is scared of being injured, brain damage and all if fighting too long. nothing left in 155 after he beat gaethje thats enough proof he is champion. khabib hater just want to see khabib lose or get injured/disabled.
The Eagle
The Eagle Dag sedan
He had 29 fight and after the 29th, he suddenly started being scared ! GENIUS
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy Dag sedan
"The UFC will squeeze all the juice out of him until he is worthless" - Khabib
Celtic Predator
Celtic Predator 2 timmar sedan
Go beat kaido
Tomás Ó Treasaigh
Tomás Ó Treasaigh Dag sedan
Yeah, if you talk about Khabibs god or if you even just draw a picture of him, they will kill you! I don't need advice from people that do these things, they are still in the dark ages.
Sam Keino
Sam Keino Dag sedan
Brett and Khabib at their very best!
Nemani Delaibatiki
Nemani Delaibatiki Dag sedan
Great interview. Watched the entire thing and was captivated throughout. The eagle didn’t disappoint with his answers. Legendary
spaghett i
spaghett i Dag sedan
'Don't focus on your opponent, focus on you." -Khabib the philosopher
Random Videos
Random Videos Dag sedan
Khabib is a good human, you can see he was educated by good parents, you can see the difference between someone who grew up ireland where he was given everything from young, and khabib who had to fight his way for everything
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