Suhail Azad
Suhail Azad 6 timmar sedan
Apex Titan
Apex Titan 6 timmar sedan
" I don't know what a white whale is" followed sometime after by " I've been ostracized" xD
Lovenish Beriwal
Lovenish Beriwal 6 timmar sedan
He will always be the greatest one even if he retires, his heart fir the sport made him the GOAT
Eamon Quinn
Eamon Quinn 6 timmar sedan
I'm surprised Khabib gave Nate consideration like that. Wish he and the Diaz brothers could have found themselves on better terms from the get instead of scuffling.
Mitchell James
Mitchell James 6 timmar sedan
Rob Whitaker could beat adesanya
Alton Zenuni
Alton Zenuni 6 timmar sedan
Why is SEcycle recommending this
Nick P
Nick P 7 timmar sedan
This wasn’t for the publicity, you can see that even better with all he does for ever. Definitely a fan of this man
T1000AX 7 timmar sedan
almost everything conor said here was wrong lol
f87115 7 timmar sedan
Conor will get to fight Islam Makhachev, one and done ,,, then he can retire and hopefully enjoy life and realize how good he was he did well and Khabib just did a little better , Conor’s Hollywood mouth is a slight to himself, he will find himself … one day,,, but it will be awhile … hard to grow up when you don’t have to … Khabib is years in advance mentally than most people on earth ,,, pay attention Conor and you will be happy one day !
Blaze XX
Blaze XX 7 timmar sedan
*Jon Jones* is the greatest MMA fighter of all time period he's versed the best of the best and always came out on top and is technically undefeated cause the only man to ever beat jones was himself🔥💯
kashif uddin
kashif uddin 7 timmar sedan
Khabib's father forgive conor but on the other hand conor heart is black from inside only filled with negativity and darkness. This is not good even if he's doing for the limelight and people who idealize conor needs to tell him to stop this nonsense.
# PUNCH 7 timmar sedan
Wakanda forever!
# PUNCH 7 timmar sedan
Great interview Khabib !!!! 👍
Craig Edwards
Craig Edwards 7 timmar sedan
Wrong fighter won
Enrique Ruiz
Enrique Ruiz 7 timmar sedan
Francis needs to knock him out
Amir K
Amir K 8 timmar sedan
biggest legend and what an honorable great man king 🙌🏼
Vukan Simic
Vukan Simic 8 timmar sedan
There are still people on this earth that understand money is not everything, there are more important things!
john wood
john wood 8 timmar sedan
stay retired and in tact ..you've nothing to prove khabib ...good man who has honor
Merihim Solomon
Merihim Solomon 8 timmar sedan
Teddy the only guy in the room that 👀where and how far MMA will go.
Kuryan Thomas
Kuryan Thomas 8 timmar sedan
wonder how max still makes 145. Remember how max was up for the lightweight title against khabib a couple years ago but wasn't medically cleared cause of the way he cut too much weight just to make 155!!!
John Doe
John Doe 8 timmar sedan
Fans will respect Jorge more when Usman eventually pops for EPO.
2121555 8 timmar sedan
Mcstretchers daddy.
Hotel Ollanta
Hotel Ollanta 9 timmar sedan
Khabib is the chosen one
RJ M 9 timmar sedan
Silva is the reason I watch UFC now. He was such a beast
Aliya GamezYT
Aliya GamezYT 9 timmar sedan
Bubbalubba 9 timmar sedan
"You couldn't draw money if I gave you a green crayon and a white piece of paper" loool
AsmodeusClips 9 timmar sedan
Respect from Poland - good fight and a nice honest interview
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 9 timmar sedan
Sick to get his take on it
Areeb Sohail
Areeb Sohail 9 timmar sedan
He’s still very strong mentally when he talks… what a guy
Nick 9 timmar sedan
This interview aged berry well
Nick 9 timmar sedan
"The Dagestani" 😂😂😂😂🇵🇰
Nick 10 timmar sedan
"only 32 years of age" ha.
Nick 10 timmar sedan
Dudes a clone.
Mohamed Mehsoob
Mohamed Mehsoob 10 timmar sedan
“People know who is who” ❤️
Francisco Gomes
Francisco Gomes 10 timmar sedan
Fake win!
Rachelle Dowdy
Rachelle Dowdy 10 timmar sedan
n8ve0ne 10 timmar sedan
This is so real. Life of a fighter. Much respect for his family's values. RESPECT! 😤💯
Steveoctv 10 timmar sedan
Seriously what am I watching…this RC guy is spewing garbage..skipped to 8:04 & wasted 20 seconds of my life..bye !
master blaster
master blaster 10 timmar sedan
Not the biggest Jones fan because of his arrogance and personality but I think he is a great martial artist and crushes adesanya.
moshe dimawala-adormeo
moshe dimawala-adormeo 10 timmar sedan
Khabib the Fight Nerd!
Yatofn 10 timmar sedan
still saying one of the best of all time . U r the GOat of ur div. in my eyes nobody can argue other wise
Adam Burling
Adam Burling 7 timmar sedan
He is one of the best of all time.
Fat fella lifestyle L11
Fat fella lifestyle L11 10 timmar sedan
Love Khabib talks so respectfully and a beast as well 👌🏻 Legend💙
mattcvand204 11 timmar sedan
I think Khabib is the best fighter ever and one of the best humans ever aswell. I am a huge Conor fan, but I agree with everything Khabib says pretty much
cheese burger
cheese burger 11 timmar sedan
Such a shame that I never really appreciated him until he retired
SoaK Up
SoaK Up 11 timmar sedan
BrotherMohd Hanif
BrotherMohd Hanif 11 timmar sedan
This is my first time watching full interview on SEcycle.
Delta Assault
Delta Assault 11 timmar sedan
This is sucks
Mark Rudison
Mark Rudison 12 timmar sedan
Izzy still has a lot to improve on and he 💯% will. Which is scary for the fight game. This fight shows that the light heavyweight title is in his reach. I wish he was more aggressive in the 5th. Also his overall awareness needs improvement. With all that being said, I feel he will get the light heavyweight title, if it’s a mission of his. He’s so confident in his ability but in a fight where wrestling is a major factor weight will always play a huge part. I would love for him to pickup the necessary weight. I feel he’s athletic enough to still be quick with the extra weight. He’s top 5 most pure talented fighters I’ve ever seen.
Kung Fu Kenny
Kung Fu Kenny 12 timmar sedan
"People know who is who" Yes lad, this right here!
Braams 12 timmar sedan
Conor brings you to the UFC, Khabib makes you stay.
Joe 12 timmar sedan
Let’s face it, Jon is the true GOAT
Himal Magar
Himal Magar 12 timmar sedan
when khabib talks it's a statement
Sjaak Afhaak
Sjaak Afhaak 12 timmar sedan
The stint so far 2 losses.
Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless 12 timmar sedan
“Max & the Bad guy” That’s the show you gotta make
Mathur 13 timmar sedan
Number of times he said "like" .. yes "like"
DjemicaJbt 13 timmar sedan
I found keyboardchampions and haters way of hating fighters because of their success fascinating.
George Lynch Dixon
George Lynch Dixon 13 timmar sedan
That fight was brutal. The rematch is gonna be wild.
jedi26 jedi26
jedi26 jedi26 13 timmar sedan
Ben is so levelheaded and very rational.